A Love Affair is Two-Sided

God wants us to personally experience the bursting-at-the-seems love He has for us. Far beyond just having knowledge that He loves us, He wants us to feel His love, taste His love, and touch His love. A love affair is not one-sided.

We need to receive His love poured out on us just as much as we pour out our love on Him. Receiving His expressions of love to us is one of the greatest ways for us to express our love to Him. When’s the last time we let Him spoil us? Sit back, listen, look, and just enjoy His love. Isn’t that a father’s greatest joy, to see his son or daughter delighting in his loving word, touch, or gift?
A love affair is two-sided. When a love letter is sent, the beloved sends a letter back. God sends us love letters all day. He doesn’t keep what He thinks about us a secret. We can read in the Bible of how He loves us, but He also has brand new words and expressions each day of His freshly squeezed love for us. I would guess that hundreds of the things we experience in a day are a product of His love: the beautiful tree branch that fell in your path and kissed your senses with its sweet evergreen fragrance; the cloud in the sky that reminded you of a pleasant memory; the time you thought you heard someone call your voice and it was really the audible voice of Jesus. He is so near and so in love with us. It’s impossible for a love struck groom not to interact with his prized bride. He is pulling at our shirts saying,
Take me away with you.
Let’s just run off together.
You’re what I’ve always dreamed of.