Compromise and Comparison

One of the top two things I've been learning about lately and really digging into is not comparing myself and in the same breath not compromising what I stand for. In my world, I have to know what I believe in and what I stand for.  God is good.  He is so good.   The other side to this is we are good.  We are made in His image.  We are powerful and amazing. WOW! God is proud of us.  He thinks we are beautiful, and heaven is cheering us on to go and be us.

When I start comparing myself to others, I begin to believe two things.  One is that I am not good, or two is that the other person is not amazing.  I don't believe God is talking to the angels telling them "this person is really awesome but you know this other person . . . not so much."

So how do I express that I disagree with other people's opinions, theologies, or actions? First there isn't a real simple answer.  Sorry.  In my heart, I have to step back and remember that these people are so loved by God and ask Him what is the "gold" in them that I can find to bless in them.  I have to remember I am not here to criticize or judge.  I am here to bless. I am not here to argue or debate. I can disagree. That's OK, but it's kindness that leads to repentance.

To sum it up, I would rather love people to Jesus and into greatness with clean hands than punishment and pointing out their weaknesses.  Really when it comes down to it, it just makes things better.

Abbi Rodes