Hearing from God is Normal

I took one sip from my latte and messed up the coffee art. Then I heard God say, "Look at it again, what do u see?" It looked like a baby fetus in the womb. He pointed out a lady in the coffee-shop to go talk to about it, because she needed a blessing.

I went to her and interrupted her time on her laptop. She pulled out her headphones and after I explained that I had a word from God to share with her, she said she was in the middle of a webinar but had a second. I said, "God wants me to bless a situation you're in involving an unborn baby." She laughed.

She explained that the webinar was about baby fetuses, because she's studying to be a doula. We both smiled. I blessed her endeavor. She received it and was extremely encouraged. God is cool.

I share this because I love testifying to God's goodness but also because many of you thought, "How come God doesn't speak to me so clearly like that?" But He does. I wasn't positive that I was hearing from God, and it sounded like my own thought in my head. I'm a normal dude like anyone else, but I've learned from trial and error that God's voice is just that simple. Just try following through on it and if you're off, you're off, no harm done. I'm off all the time. It's doesn't make you a false prophet. Moments like this will happen and start to solidify in you how real God is, how good he is, and how easy it is to talk to him and hear from him. Like a friend, he speaks your personal language. Don't worry, it's totally biblical. Feel free to ask me about biblical references.

Some of you also thought, "I could never be that bold." Trust me, I didn't jump right into this. I didn't want to at first, because it seemed awkward, but I'm so glad I did. Boldness will come when you step into a situation where you need boldness. By the time the lady pulled out her headphones, Jesus dropped on me all the boldness I would need to carry on.

We can do anything through Holy Spirit. Just take a step, try stuff, fail, keep going, rejoice. Have fun. God's not boring. He made you powerful. You are a world changer.