Living in mystery

The full nature of Father God was found in the person of Jesus.  Jesus was the exact representation of the Father.  That means any view we have of the father that can not be found in the life of Jesus needs to be brought into question.  There was so much confusion on who God was and Jesus cleared up all of the questions by demonstrating the Father. This truth brings up many questions.  Scripture, Gods nature and why we are on earth.   The biggest truth is Jesus.  Jesus even told the disciples that he is the Truth.  All truth is in him.


We can all come up with a million questions about the nature of God.  From sickness to scripture.  But there is not a question big enough to out weigh the person of Jesus.

It is important to live in mystery regarding this subject.  If we can fully explain our christianity than we are not living by faith.  Religion wants us to be able to explain everything then eventually we are back under the law.

The measure of mystery we are willing to live under is equal to the amount of revelation that God can give us.

We dont need to know everything.  All we must know is that he is good and does not cause harm to his children and bride.

The goodness of God must be the anchor of all theology and thought life.

Landon Snoddy