Operating from Heavenly Purpose

Different Levels of Purpose Life is filled with various tasks, assignments, and callings and numerous perspectives from which we can accomplish them. The fruit that is produced out of these tasks is determined by what level of purpose our perspective is set on. That is because each level of purpose inspires a different method of operating.

A basic purpose is survival. This is to do everything with the perspective of getting it done in order to keep the job, stay well fed, stay warm in the winter, etc. A greater purpose, which Jesus gave us for our time in the world, is to make earth like it is in Heaven (Matthew 6). However, this isn’t the greatest purpose.

Extending the Kingdom of Heaven is an action we take while in the world. What happens when we fully live in Heaven where there is no sickness to heal or no poverty to displace? Will we lose a sense of purpose? Or perhaps feel that one purpose has discontinued and another started? If we’re supposed to live on earth like it is in Heaven, shouldn’t our purpose here be the same as that which is in Heaven? What is our Heavenly purpose? It’s not to extend the Kingdom of Heaven (our purpose on earth), because Heaven is obviously already established within itself.

Everyone probably has a different way of wording it. The words that have been resonating with my heart lately are simply, “To be in a love affair with God.” Or you could say, “To be in love and intimacy with God.” But to sum it up, our Heavenly purpose is centered on a loving, thrilling, passionate relationship with God. Once this is tasted, you realize that there is truly nothing that compares.

What it Looks Like

Let’s say that for your job you need to write a report. From as survival perspective, you are thinking about how to accomplish the task so you can keep your job. The fruit that is produced for you is that the report is finished and your job is in good standing; for others, they get to utilize a completed report.

Now let’s say that you consider your mission at work to release Heaven through how you are working. When you operate based on this vision, you ask yourself how to accomplish the task and do it in a way that adds a dose of Heaven in it. While you think about how to get the report done, you’re also thinking about doing it with, for example, excellence. Since excellence comes from Heaven, you are releasing Heaven into your report for others to encounter. Again, the fruit that is produced out of any task is determined by what level of purpose your perspective is set on.

This is a great perspective to have; it is embracing your purpose on earth. However, your perspective isn’t meant to start here. It is meant to start with love and intimacy with God, then releasing Heaven on earth will flow out of that. God wants you more than what you can do for him. If you somehow failed to release heavenly excellence into your report at work, and this was your ultimate goal, then the fruit is defeat. It’s not always this black and white and God can definitely bring good out of all our efforts, but if you’re only operating from your purpose on earth, something crucial is missing.

When you operate from your Heavenly purpose, you work on accomplishing the report, doing it in a way that releases heaven, and now, above all else, you consider it a means to relationship and love with God. It’s like how a young boy asks his dad to build a sandcastle with him. His goal isn’t necessarily to build the perfect sandcastle; he just wants to experience relationship with his father, his hero in life. Later they jump on the castle and lose their finished product anyways, but it doesn’t matter, because destroying it is just another means to the greater purpose of loving on each other.

The Fruit

Our heavenly purpose is the most fulfilling, healthy, and powerful perspective to live from. It is not conditional on performance, like extending the Kingdom of Heaven is. Seeing the kingdom extended is based on what we do; Jesus gave us that job. This runs the risk of failure, though, because we’re not perfect. Having intimacy with God is already grounded in victory because it was fully won by Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection. Living from this purpose can only yield peace, rest, joy and other good fruit.

By keeping our perspective on our Heavenly purpose—a loving relationship with God—it doesn’t matter how well we perform, if the day went as planned, or if our ministry to the world is where we want it be. Our life is grounded in a purpose that is perfect and complete. The greatest fruit that comes out of this is that God gets to have our affection in everything we do, which is his deepest desire.