Our Personal Destiny

I believe God made us all wonderfully different.  When we were in the womb He gave us personalities and destinies, which should be unique and in their own way bringing heaven to earth.  It's our job to find out what they are.  It's not that hard though really.  It's just being us and no one else.
Some of us mistake our "destiny" as something that has to look or be of a certain magnitude.  It may seem big or small but in the supernatural reality they are all earth shaking.  This can look like anything  from a simple farmer that is praying over his/her crop that when people eat the food the Holy Spirit will be ingested as well, to a mom that raises up godly children with the principles like healing the sick and bringing heaven to earth at the age they are, to someone that is on a Hollywood type platform declaring the love of God in the media.
When we get closer to God we become more us, not less of us.  We are made in His image and He is love.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to get near and we are honest with who we really are, the false identities that we and others have put on ourselves melt off.
Most of our ministry it seems in this season is administering His revelations that we are in fact amazing and powerful.  Despite what we have done or are doing, God only sees us as that.  Jesus talks to the Father on our behalf.  He is our filter.  Father God just can't see the bad in us.  He only looks at who He made us to be and He loves us perfectly without wanting to change us.  He just wants to love us.  Isn't that incredible? If God doesn't have any other agenda but to love then it's amazing how we end up becoming who we were made to be from the beginning.
If our goal is heaven coming to earth and doing so with who God made us, the whole world can be changed by us just being us.
In our community, we encourage people to dream big and make mistakes.  If something is on your heart and in lines up with who Jesus was, go for it.  Don't waste time.  Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (freedom).  So Holy Spirit I ask You to fill every person reading this blog.  Freedom reigns in you.  He has called you out.  Go change the world.