Prophetic Worship for our church pt1

Worship has always been a BIG deal in our church from the very beginning.  Our hearts are for everyone to move in freedom thus releasing an atmosphere of freedom. This has got to be supernatural and not manipulative. It is said that prophecy is either foretelling the future or causing a change in the present.  Our hearts have been all over partnering with the Holy Spirit to help change the atmosphere in worship to that of heaven if it's not already.  How we have been doing this?  Listening and doing, listening and doing is what we do.  Making mistakes and still being OK with that. Also, backing each other up and cheering each other on for trying to move in hearing and doing what the Holy Spirit is leading us to is so awesome.

Being able to abandon what we've practiced song wise and do something completely different is gotta be welcomed.  We have got to be skilled enough to play the songs and listen to the Holy Spirit at the same time and move when He moves.  Asking God "what is happening in the room" and paying attention to the atmosphere and bending near to His heart for that moment and being willing to do what He asks.  This may be giving a word of knowledge about what someone is going through and releasing the opposite, this may be hearing a phrase that needs to be sung like "I trust You Lord" as many times as it takes to release a heavenly safe place, or if God puts a certain sound or melody to sing or play then do it as it may just bring healing.

This also goes with prophetic painting and dancing.  Being willing to listen and do.  If we have specific painters or dancers as a part of the worship team that particular Sunday it's nice for a certain skill level to be had so they can listen and do.  If the Holy Spirit gives a painter a picture in their imagination of an apple then it's really nice for them to be able to paint that apple.  Same principle for the dancers.

I love our worship team.  It's a hard place to be because we challenge each other and we don't have a set way we do a song from beginning to end.  I also love that our church allows us to try things and fail and knowing that we are just running after Jesus for Kingdom release.