Testimonies: Do it again Lord!

These are stories from Church of the Unidignified and leaders of the Tacoma Barn.  If you would like to share your own testimonies in relation to either of these communities of what God has done please fill out the form below so God can indeed "do it again" for someone else.  If you are reading/watching a testimony about something and you need that breakthrough declare it over yourself as well.  We've seen God heal, set free, and release things just from someone giving a testimony.


God Healing Hearing

Story of God healing someone's hearing.


Healing From a Gun Shot Wound to the Face

What happens when someone goes out with the intent to shoot, gets shot in the face, and God heals them?



Healed back, testimonies, and naked Bicyclists

Broken back healed and multitudes of naked people during church.


Blooming Branches and a Demonic Sexual Art Studio.

What happens when God asks you to pray out a sexual demonic art studio after they have had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and refuse to change.


Demonic manifestations and provision despite someone dying.

Testimony of buying the Healing House and 5 minutes before the papers were signed the owner died.  See what God did!


Am I physic or do I have the gift of prophesy?

Watch what happens when someone keeps hearing things when they come in contact with people.


Healed Ankles and Treasure Hunting

Watch the testimony of someone getting their ankles healed and stories of going out to the street and asking God who, where, what they need prayer for, and what they look like and finding them.


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